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In Service Pack 11, SAP now offers the ability to document Cloud Platform Integration – Integration Flows in the Integration Repository found in Solution Manager. The CPI Tool is a multi-step wizard which guides users through the process of retrieving Integration Flows from a CPI tenant, performing necessary mappings and importing the Integration Flows into the Integration Repository.

Technical Prerequisites

  • The Cloud Platform Integration tool requires Solution Manager 7.2 Service Pack 11
  • Google Chrome – In order to facilitate the retrieval of Integration Flows, the browser must make requests to the CPI tenant. Starting in Chrome 73, Google has added restrictions on how the browser can make these requests. These restrictions must be disabled for the tool to work. Please note, it is not recommended that this low security version of Chrome be used for web browsing, it should only be used for the purposes of running the Cloud Platform Integration tool.
    It is planned that future releases of this tool will not require this version of Chrome.
  • Neo Tenant – Currently, the APIs used to retrieve Integration Flows are only available on Neo tenants. Development of these APIs on Cloud Foundry tenants is ongoing.




1)      Open Solution Manager Launchpad using transaction SM_WORKCENTER.

2)      Choose the tile Integration Repository – Cloud Platform Integration.

3)      Enter the details of the CPI tenant, along with the Username and Password of a user on the tenant.

a)       In addition, you can define an inclusive date filter on the retrieved Integration Flows based on their deployed date.

4)      Select the Integration Flows you wish to document.

5)      Select the Solution, Branch and System Role. This will determine where the Integration Flows appear in Solution Documentation.

6)      Perform a mapping between Sender/Receiver systems and Logical Component Groups.

7)      Clicking on Review will give you the opportunity to review your selections and mappings.

8)      Clicking on Submit will open a dialog. Here you can provide a name for the folder containing the Integration Flows in Solution Documentation. The default name is ‘Import’. Clicking on Submit will send the Integration Flow details to Solution Documentation.

9)      From the Solution Manager Launchpad, choose the Solution Documentation tile.

Select the same Solution, Branch and System Role as you chose in the CPI tool. The imported Integration Flows folder will appear in the Interface Library.

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