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This side will inform you about new developed features: Last update 29.09.2021

To leverage new features in your system, please update the transfer toolbox. (2383530-Conversion from SAP BW to BW/4HANA).


Feature:   Direct assignment of individual objects to transport requests

Relevant for:  Remote and Shell

Description: You can separate objects by transport request, Es example, you want have a dedicated request for TRFN with no other TLOGO on the same request, you can use this feature.

Feature:   Impact-Check for Queries

Relevant for:  Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: With this check in Step :Checklist for Usage of Involved Objects we give an indication of possible effects on query elements.


Feature:   Enhancement of task CL_RS_TASK_DEL_ATTRIBCHAN (Delete Process Chain Type ATTRIBCHAN (Attrib. Change)) of task list RS_COMPATIBILITY_TO_B4H.

Relevant for:  Inplace,  Remote and Shell

Description: During task execution, the flag 'Activate Master Data' is set for DTPs loading into InfoObject Attributes (only if applicable). The task will provide an info message for each DTP activated anew and a warning for those for which this action was not possible.

Feature:   New Code Scan Report

Relevant for:  Inplace,  Remote and Shell

Description: The new code check tool is storing all findings in a table and is more flexible as the old application log-based check. Report RS_B4HANA_LOG_DISPLAY.


Feature:   Report to take over multiple InfoPackages selections for Hierachie DataSources

Relevant for:  Inplace,  Remote and Shell

Description: For Hierachie DataSources it is not possible to use PSA Replacment ADSO. If you have different InfoPackages with different selection criteria you can now convert each InfoPackage to a separate DTP. Name of the report is:



Feature:   new Step "Prepare Propagate Request" to skip not needed DTPs during the data propagate step for the simple Request Transfer

Relevant for:  Inplace and Remote 

Description: If you use the simple Request transfer, all data must be propagated to the targets. Sometimes it could happen, that dtps were executed long time ago to fix something or because the data are provided in a new way/new dataflow or something like that. With this feature you can skip the propagation of not needed dtp loads.

Feature:  Enhancements for Transfer Reset

Relevant for:  Remote and Shell

Description: With RS_B4HANA_TRANSFER_REM_RESET you can reset not successful Transfer/Conversion runs. Now report RS_B4HANA_TRANSFER_REM_RESET will reset everything which had been execute to the current point. Prior to the change, only the objects in the receiver system were deleted. 

Feature:  Start Transfer Tool from Process Chain

Relevant for:  Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: This feature allow you to start the transfer tool from the Process Chain UI.


Feature:  Last used will be shown in Pre-Check

Relevant for:  Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: This feature will show you the last used date of the object. Please find more information's in note  3029083 - SAP BW/4 Conversion: Last used in Pre-Check tool.

Feature:  Transfer WebService DataSource to a Placeholder ADSO

Relevant for:  Inplace 

Description: With SAP BW/4 2.0 you can use Push-aDSOs. To save the dataflow until the system  is upgraded to SAP BW/4 2.0, you can use this functionality, 


Feature:  DataTransfer to Warm Store

Relevant for:  Remote

Description: If you installed a Extension Note in the target system, than you can adjust the converted ADSO after the metadata transfer. If you want to used this functionality, you have to set under Data Tiering Properties, the flag to temperature schema "warm" and define the level and if needed, the partition criteria. The data transfer will move the data to the right partition automatically.

Feature:  Propagate request

Relevant for:  Inplace and Remote

Description: If you are using the simple request transfer, than all data must be propagated to the next layer. This feature help you to do it in a automatic way.

Feature:  Create HCPR on top

Relevant for:  Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: If you have a query with Nav.Attr. direct on a CUBE or DSO, than a HCPR will generated.  In some other cases without using NavAttr.  it make sense to generate a HCPR on top of a ADSO. With this feature we support it.

Feature:  Counter how many objects are selected in object list

Relevant for:  Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: It help to get an overview of the selected objects


Feature:  Filter on missing input

Relevant for:  Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: For some object like PSA replacement ADSO you have to choose a new name. If you have a huge objects list, it is not easy to find this objects. With this feature you can filter this objects. 

Feature:  Use tasklist run from other systems

Relevant for:  Inplace, Remote 

Description: If you use the option "Copy from Remote System", than the selected object will used as start object and all manually activities like Compositeprovider name, mappings will be take over.


Feature:  Remote Conversion from SEM-BCS to BCS/4HANA, running on BW/4HANA

Relevant for:  Remote and Shell

Description: It is possible to convert SAP SEM-BCS to BCS4HANA 

Feature:  Conversion of virtual provider to a "placeholder" ADSO

Relevant for:  Remote and Shell

Description:  Until now, virtual provider must be redesigned manually. With this feature a virtual provider can be converted to an ADSO. The ADSO and if necessary, a HCPR are used as placeholder(s) to keep objects like queries which where based on top of the virtual objects. After successful conversion, the placeholder ADSO can be replaced manually via an SAP BW/4 supported object.


Feature: New Pre-Check Tool 

Relevant for: Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: The new check tool is storing all findings in a table and is more flexible as the old application log-based check.

Feature: Carve-out of objects from the scope

Relevant for: Remote 

Description: With Remote conversion all objects with transformations in between will be collected. So it could happen that unnecessary objects/data-flows are collected too. With the carve-out functionality this object can be skipped. As result, the skipped objects can't converted anymore. However, if the spipped object has linked 2 data flows, then both data flows can be converted separately from one another.

Feature: Transport of ABAP Objects like FunctionGroups, Functionmoduls, Reports, ...

Relevant for: Remote and Shell

Description: In many case ABAP objects will be called in BW objects like Transformations. In the past it was only possible to transport this objects manual to the SAP BW/4 system. With this feature it is possible to include ABAP objects to the from the conversion toolbox collected transport too. Import to use this functionality is that the Report RS_B4HANA_CODE_SCAN was called before and the FLAG "write XREF entries" under section "Further settings" was set.

Feature: Change of naming convention

Relevant for: Shell

Description: With this feature we support the change of technical names of DSO, Cube and Mulitprovider for Shell conversion.

Feature: Explanation of special flags

Relevant for: Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: Under Step "Define Object Mapping and Store Object List" you can find a column called "Special Options". It is a short note to the object or a recommendation. Sometimes it was hard to understand, that’s why we give this recommendation. With a double-click on the field (hyperlink) we explain it now.

Feature: Generic extractors move/convert to SAPI_ODP

Relevant for: Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: With this feature it is possible to convert a generic extractor in the myself system context to a SAPI_ODP source system instead of a CDS view based extraction. This step can be done automatically.  For a conversion to a CDS view based extractor manual steps were necessary.

Feature: Skip Log transfer for the old request conversion

Relevant for: Inplace and Remote

Description: If you are not able to use the new request transfer, then you have the option to skip the logs of the request. As result you will have all requests transfer to TSN, but the detail log will not be available. The performance is much better in this scenario as the transfer with logs.


Feature: Simplified Request Management Conversion → Note 2482164 - BW4SL - Request and Status Management

Relevant for: Inplace and Remote


This alternative request transfer is based on a preliminary processing of the data in the InfoProviders before transfer. Thus, compared with the old approach, it results in a reduced number of TSN based Requests in the resulting ADSOs, InfoObjects and Open Hub Destinations.

Therefore, the optimized request transfer is between 5 and 100 times faster, depending on your system (hardware, model complexity). This means that instead between 5 and 100 Requests per Minute, now between 500 and 1000 Requests can be transferred per Minute.

Feature: Select all BW Objects and All Queries 

Relevant for: Remote and Shell

Description: Under "Collect scope for Transfer (Data Flow)" you have the option to select all BW Objects (Remote and Shell) and all Queries (Shell)

Feature: Conversion of InfoCubes with Audit functions 

Relevant for: Inplace, Remote and Shell

Description: InfoCubes with Audit function can be converted. The Audit function relevant InfoObjects will automatically be replaced with fields. Audit function are not part of the ADSO in BW/4. 

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  1. Hi Udo Baetz,

    the link 3029083 - SAP BW/4 Conversion: Last used in Pre-Check tool ( for does not work for me.

    The information about the last usage is a nice addition for all those systems which have collected a lot of dust over the time (smile)

    Greetz Corivn

    1. Hi Corvin, sorry, it was not release. But we released it now. Regards Udo

  2. It is really nice to see you are constantly rolling out improvements and new features. Keep it up! (smile)