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Actual Cost Component Split in S/4HANA: important Notes

3147202 Startup programs for Material Ledger and actual costing
2553586 - S/4HANA: error MLCCS009 or C+099 or missing cost component split data in table MLDOCCCS 
2576523 - SAP S/4HANA: MLCCS_RESET and MLCCS_STARTUP obsolete

Check that the notes included on the following KBA have been implemented:

2554964 - Material Ledger with Actual Costing in S/4 HANA 1610: list of notes for Cost Component Split issues

Error message ML4HRUN053 in CKMLCP Settlement step

2483516 - Error ML4HRUN053 happens in CKMLCP settlement step - S/4HANA 

The error ML4HRUN053 points to differences in cost component split data which should be fixed by SAP Support.
Please, implement the following notes before creating an incident on the ONE Support Launchpad

2633282 - ML Helpdesk: collective corrections for data defects analysis
2772395 - FCMLHELP ML Period Consistency Check - reports 10

Generally, the error is caused by program error.
To prevent CCS inconsistencies for the future, it is suggested that you can upgrade you system to the latest release and latest support package level.
If system upgrade is not possible immediately, please make sure to apply the following SAP TopNotes. These notes and their pre-requisite notes correct all known program errors in S/4HANA which may cause CCS inconsistencies during material movements or Period Closing steps:

2691272 - SAP TopNote - actual cost component split: Incorrect delta cost component split for price changes and error MLCCS 202
2607681 - SAP TopNote - Error during settlement with periodic unit price fallback

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