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Behaviour of CKM3 with the new architecture (MALENA)

The transaction CKM3/CKM3N was refactored and now provides a simplified and improved view of materials in plants with active Actual Costing.
It replaces the former CKM3 view Price Determination Structure.
The former CKM3 Price History view is still available via transaction CKM3PH for all materials (independent of price determination control and active Actual Costing).
All other views formerly offered by CKM3/CKM3N are no longer available.

2503684 - S/4HANA: new design of the views in CKM3
2537912 - S/4HANA CKM3: Data Unmigrated warning appears 

Functional changes and improvements as of release 1610

• No separate view for Cost Components, but integrated in main screen
• Flag for selection of cost components not relevant for material valuation, or only cost components relevant for material valuation; by default selection of inventory relevant cost component split
• Display of WIP Reduction for material; by default WIP Reduction is hidden; If WIP reduction is displayed, both WIP reduction and consumption of WIP for order are shown in opposite sign in different folder.
• Plan/Actual Comparison is removed in new CKM3
• Technically, data are retrieved from table MLDOC, MLDOCCCS and MLDOC_EXTRACT and MLDOCCCS_EXTRACT

 If actual costing active in the plant, all materials (price determination 2 & 3) will be able to display 'price history view' and 'price determination structure':

  • Data prior to 1610 migration: data is retrieved from old tables (CKMLPP, CKMLCR, MLCD…). It should be displayed via transaction CKM3OLD.

For materials in migrated periods if you use transaction CKM3, differences in Data between transaction CKM3 and CKM3OLD can arise. You might see ‘Not Allocated’ lines in CKM3, because there is a deviation between price difference in ‘Ending Inventory’ line and price differences in ‘Cumulative Inventory’ line. See details on KBA 2503684.

  • Data after migration to 1610: data is retrieved from new tables (MLDOC, MLDOCCCS). It should be displayed via transaction CKM3.

If actual costing is not active in the plant, CKM3 will be redirected to CKM3PH and only 'price history view' is displayed. This data will be retrieved from the 'old tables'.

For the unmigrated data, you need to use the transaction CKM3OLD. The unmigrated data are the data that are older than last period of previous year. For migrated data, in CKM3 or CKM3N you can show only the summarization data and without the individual posting lines and without material ledger settlement line. To show the whole posting, you need to use the transaction CKM3OLD.
You may need to use both of the transaction CKM3 and CKM3OLD if you have mixed data in the same period created before and after the upgrade to S/HANA.

Remark: Data older than last period of previous year (related to the time of system conversion) cannot be displayed via transaction CKM3 because the 'old' data has not been converted to the MLDOC-tables. To show data older than last period of previous year you can use transaction CKM3OLD ('Material Price Analysis') or CKM3PHOLD ('Material Price History').

Check the following notes

2354768 S4TWL - Technical Changes in Material Ledger with Actual Costing
2332591 S4TWL - Technical Changes in Material Ledger
2378871 CKM3 on MLDOC of S4HANA: Diverse improvements
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2682528 Total Stock Value determination in S/4 HANA

Not Distributed price differences in CKM3:
2898738 Not distributed price differences in CKM3 due to price limiter logic - S/4HANA
2148759 Not distributed price differences and C+135, C+138, C+136 or C+137 in the log

For CKM3 short dump at ALV:
2749185 CKM3N Navigation to Material Ledger Document does not work

You are running CKM3 Material Price Analysis on S/4HANA for release 1610 or higher and detect some deffects
2683361 - CKM3 on S/4HANA: collective corrections

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