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Question or Problem

There exists an issue with Include /DSCSAG/LDOCUMENT2U38 when installing ECTR 520:

Generating users of the transported includes

The current ABAP program "/DSCSAG/SAPLPLM" had to be terminated because it found a statement that could not be executed.
In include "/DSCSAG/LDOCUMENT2U38 ", in line 378 of program "/DSCSAG/SAPLDOCUMENT2 ", the following syntax errors have occurred:
The data object "LS_DOC_FILE_UPDATE" does not have a component called "CONTENT_DESC".

Causes or Possible Causes

The instructions in note 2049249 / 2773525 were not followed for this section:

In addition to the required SAP Notes for predecessor SPs, the following SAP Notes apply for SP02 of ECTR 520...

FM /DSCSAG/DOC_CHECKIN_GET_URL (Include /DSCSAG/LDOCUMENT2U38) contains this code:

ls_doc_file_update     TYPE cdesk_srv_s_file_update,
      ls_doc_file_update-crea_time      = <ls_files_in>-created_at .
      ls_doc_file_update-stor_cat       = <ls_files_in>-storagecategory .
      ls_doc_file_update-content_desc   = <ls_files_in>-content_description .   <=======
      ls_doc_file_update-ws_application = <ls_files_in>-wsapplication .
      APPEND ls_doc_file_update TO lt_doc_file_update.
  ENDLOOP. "Big loop over DOCUMENTS

The structure cdesk_srv_s_file_update has been extended with note 2839392 with a new component "CONTENT_DESC".

So this note must be installed in the system before ECTR 520 will be installed. 

Diagnostic Steps

Use transaction SE11 to view structure cdesk_srv_s_file_update. There should be a component "CONTENT_DESC". If not, the mandatory notes listed in 2773525 are missing.

Known Errors and Solutions

(lightbulb) Read and understand note 2049249 (for ECTR 510 and ECTR 520) / note 2325172 (for S4ECTR 100 and S4ECTR 110) before you install an SP for ECTR / S4ECTR!

Install at least this note:

  • 2839392 - Enhance CDESK_SRV_GET_FILE_UPLOAD_URL to support description content version

Additional information

All of the notes listed in note 2773525 have to be installed for ECTR 520 SP 03. You have to install the list for ECTR 520 SP 02, ECTR 520 SP 01, SP 00, ... (not just the list under section ECTR 520: SP 03).

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