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In the fieldselection of the Notification

Transaction: QCC2

- Quality Notifications
     -> Notification Creation
          -> Notification Types
               -> Define Screen Templates
                   - Field Selection: ...

It can sometimes come to the following behaviour:
RQM00- Fields are missing
RIWO00- Fields are missing
or other fields are missing

In order to maintain these fields the following steps are necessary:

Start the transaction SFAW with the correspondent Modulepool
- SAPMQM00 for RQM00 fields
- SAPMIWO0 for RIWO00 fields
- SAPLIQS0 for other fields

use screen group 10

Check in the transaction if the correspondent field is marked 'for customizing'.

If this the case and the field is not available in the field selection then go to the initial screen of SFAW and generate the screen fields.

This should instantly make the fields available in the field  selection.

 I hope that this information is helpfull.