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Question or Problem

You get this error in log file:


| E    | /DSCSAG/PLM | 096    | The DIR ... has 2 active content versions of ... Please inform your admin.


| E    | /DSCSAG/PLM | 096    | Der DIS ... hat 2 aktive Inhaltsversionen von ... Bitte Administrator inf. |

Causes or Possible Causes

Content versions are switched on in DC10 for document type and in DC10 for WSAPPL. 
If communication problems occur during save and display ("checkin"), two content versions can be marked as active in exceptional cases. In that case, opening the document with ECTR is not possible due to the unclear assignment.

(info) ECTR only displays this error, which does not mean that ECTR caused this error. 

Diagnostic Steps

The Report /DSCSAG/DMS_KPRO_DOUBLE_REPAIR can be used to repair this issue. The useless content version can be deactivated with the report.

Known Errors and Solutions

The solution is described here: Multiple active content version and in this blog.

Please be aware that note 1302899 is an FAQ note. You can not install this note. You have to read it, understand it and follow the steps described in the blog. 

Before you open an incident for this issue you must find the logs of the checkin - process. So the logs of the checkout process (when the error is show) does not help to analyze the cause of this issue. 
To do this: Open CV03n, go to change records of the document and check when the original has been checked in. Then try to find the logs of the checkin for this time. 

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