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Even if you close a file in CREO it is still loaded in memory, they can not be replaced by the interface.  

Question or Problem


  • User A has loaded assembly into session
  • User B changes the assembly, sets a new status on SAP
  • User A still has assembly "in session", opens the assembly again from ECTR "Open original


  • ECTR writes the latest version (CAD file) in the working directory of User A and indicates the interface that a new version is available.
  • User A still has his old file loaded in CAD memory "In Session". (error) He continues working with an "out of date" file and can save this later.  (error)
  • An replacement "In Session memory" cannot be performed due to limitations of the CREO interface.



Not considered specifics / limitations of a CAD system.

Workaround and Solutions

Be aware of this issue and use the "clear memory" feature in CREO.

Use ECTR or as soon they are available

Add this switch:


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