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  • Error Details

    • The issue can occur irrespective of whether load balancing is used or not. The only difference is to where the hostname used should be pointing (directly to an ABAP instance or to the Message Server).

Possible root cause #1: configuration issue.

  • Possible solution: confirm that the hostname is correct.
  • SAP Support component: SAP GUI stores the hostname and port of the backend server in SAPUILandscape.xml file. If this is because of the configuration, then BC-FES-GUI is the appropriate component.

Possible root cause #2: DNS issue. Involve the DNS/network team, so they fix the DNS issue.

  • SAP Support component: being something related to customer’s network / infrastructure, BC-NET can provide some guidance, although no further advice can be provided on this case, it is important to involve the DNS/network team.

Additional tests that can be performed:

  • “ping <hostname>” at a command prompt window shows the same issue. The “ping” tool is delivered by the operating system, not by SAP. 

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