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Possible root cause #1:

  • The group does not exist on the backend. Maybe someone has deleted it by mistake?
  • Possible solution: create the logon group again, at the backend (transaction SMLG); or configure SAP GUI to use a different group.
  • SAP Support component: BC-FES-GUI or BC-CCM-CNF-GRP.

Possible root cause #2:

  • the group exists on the backend, but then there is an issue at the backend which is returning the incorrect information.
  • Possible solution: BC-CCM-CNF-GRP must be involved to identify the root cause.
  • SAP Support component: BC-CCM-CNF-GRP would be the appropriate component to perform the initial analysis.

Additional tests that can be performed:

  • Logon to the backend and access the transaction SMLG. Confirm that the logon group exists there.

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