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  • Error details:

Possible root cause #1:

  • A network related issue (or network equipment, like a firewall) has broken the connection.
  • Involve the network team, so they analyze the issue from the network perspective.
  • SAP Support component: If the issue was caused by a network related issue, BC-NET can provide some troubleshooting guidance. The keepalive parameters (“rdisp/keepalive” and “rdisp/keepalive_timeout”) can be adjusted too, to see whether they help avoiding the issue, especially if the issue always occurs after the user left the SAP GUI window idle for some time (in which case “rdisp/keepalive” must be set to a value lower than the idle time that triggers the issue).

Possible root cause #2:

  • the SAP server has crashed / is in a standstill state. BC-CST-DP must be involved to determine the solution. The SAP KBA 2456237- Standstill Analysis Preparation Guide lists all information required for the troubleshooting of standstill situations.
  • SAP Support component: BC-CST-DP to analyze SAP crash / standstill situations.

Additional tests that can be performed:

  • Confirm that SAP is up and running, and that new logons are possible.
  • Verify whether there is a corresponding error in the “dev_disp” trace (see example below) at the “work” folder of the instance where the user was logged on. The error entry might not be always present, and its timestamp does not necessarily need to be the same seen in the SAP GUI error screen. These can vary depending on what is causing the connection to be broken, and how.


Tue Aug 25 21:03:39:442 2020

***LOG Q0I=> NiIRead: P=; L= recv (10054: WSAECONNRESET: Connection reset by peer) [D:/depot/bas/753_REL/src/base/ni/nixxi.cpp 5429]

*** ERROR => NiIRead: SiRecv failed for hdl 89/sock 1848

    (SI_ECONN_BROKEN/10054; I4; ST; P=; L= [nixxi.cpp    5429]

***LOG Q04=> DpRTmPrepareReq, NiBufReceive (17840I827437 19 IHF@SAP) [dpTerminal.c 736]

|GUI     |T19_U17840_M0|<client>|<user ID>|<hostname of user computer>|21:03:28|3  |<report name> |high|    |    |    |

DpRTmPrepareReq: network error of client T19_U17840 in state DP_LOGGED_IN: NiBufReceive (-6: NIECONN_BROKEN)

Tue Aug 25 21:03:39:691 2020


The information indicated by “P=<IP address>:<port>” (“P” stands for “partner”, meaning the other end of the connection) would match the information on the SAP GUI error screen, but there it will be shown as “L=<IP address>:<port>” (“L” stands for “local”, meaning the local computer where the error was raised).

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