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When a user cannot access repository using LDAP account, most likely she or he thinks something in Powerdesigner is broken.

In actuality, this is false in most cases.

If incorrect filter or search base is provided, LDAP connection never works.

Here is a simple way to test a LDAP setting:

  1. On Windows 8 or above, Powershell has been pre-installed.
  2. Open DOS window. Type powershell
  3. At powershell prompt, type:

Get-ADUser   -LDAPFilter <searchfilter> -SearchBase  <searchbase>  -server <LDAP Server>

Here searchfilter , searchbase and LDAP Server can be found in Powerdesigner client by connecting to the repository, then go to Repository->Administration->LDAP Parameters.

If Get-ADUser does not return correct result, it proves that the filter or search base or ldap server name is wrong.

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