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Question or Problem

There are failed authorization checks in SU53 for object "S_OC_ROLE":


This failed authorization check is caused by FM SO_INBOX_COUNTER_READ. 
This FM is called by ECTR to check if there are new items in the user office inbox. 

The call stack looks like that:


    authority-check object 'S_OC_ROLE'    "check for administrator
                    id     'OFFADMI'
                    field  administrator.
    if sy-subrc eq 0.
      move role_admin to role.
      authority-check object 'S_OC_FOLCR'
                        id     'SECTION'
                        field  'M'.
      if sy-subrc = ok.
        move on to user_data-crfcl.

Known Errors and Solutions

This behavior is not an error, it works as intended. Just ignore these failed authorization checks, they don't do any harm. 
The system determines whether the user is an administrator or a normal user. Therefore, an incorrect check only means that user may work in the Business Workplace as a normal user.

Change refresh interval of ECTR user office inbox

Change the refresh value to 10 minutes = 600000 Milliseconds

# Inbox autorefresh
# Defines the refresh interval in which ECTR checks for new mails or workflows in the SAP inbox
# Attention: The defined interval time must be higher than the interval of "".
# = <Milliseconds>

Additional information

The FM SO_INBOX_COUNTER_READ belongs to component BC-SRV-COM.

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