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2LIS_05_QE1 only extracts completed (quantitative and qualitative) inspection results with status 5 (completed) to BW.

2LIS_05_QE2 only extracts completed (quantitative) inspection results from table QAMR / QASR with status 5 (SATZSTATUS EQ '5', completed) to BW.

If there are records in table QASR of an inspection lot, 2LIS_05_QE2 extracts these data from QASR;
If there are no records for the lot in QASR, 2LIS_05_QE2 extracts data from QAMR.

2LIS_05_QVUDN only extracts inspection lots with usage decision to BW.

2LIS_05_Q0NOTIF extracts all quality notifications from table QMEL.

2LIS_05_Q0ITEM only extracts data if notification contain items. You can check these in table QMFE. If there is no entry for certain notifications in table QMFE, 2LIS_05_Q0ITEM does not extract any data for this notification.

2LIS_05_Q0ACTY only extracts data if there are actions for these notifications (table QMMA).
Note also: There are actions for the notification header (field FENUM = 0000 in table QMMA) and actions for the notification item (FENUM <> 0000).
The item fields in setup table MC05Q00ACTSETUP or during the 2LIS_05_Q0ACTY extraction are filled only for one action for the item.
If there are actions for the notification header, these item fields remain empty during the extraction because there is no reference to an item.

The behavior is similar with the following 2 Datasources:

2LIS_05_Q0CAUSE extracts notification causes from table QMUR.

2LIS_05_Q0TASK extracts notification tasks from table QMSM.

Setup table filling:

Transaction OLIQBW / Program RMCQNEBW

Important QM tables
QAMV    Characteristic specifications for inspection processing
QAMR    Characteristic results during inspection processing
QASR      Sample results for inspection characteristics
QAPP      Inspection point
QMFE     Quality notification - items
QMEL     Quality Notification
QMMA   Quality notification - activities
QMUR    Quality notification - causes
QMSM   Quality notification - tasks

Table characteristics
Table QAMV is for Characteristic specifications (before result recording)
Table QAPP normally only contains results when the relevant lot has inspection points and inspection results for inspection points were recorded as an example.
Table QAMR normally contains records in case results were recorded.
Table QASR contains records in case the lot has samples, and inspection results for these samples were recorded (as an example..)

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