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By default ITS checks what browser sends a request by analyzing the user agent in the HTTP header. If the user agent shows that the browser is not an Mozilla Firefox or an Internet Explorer is rejects the request. This howto describes how the browser check can be disabled.


  1. Unknown User (o1vipm9)

    Dear Mr Layer, 

    will there be an update on this article, because I am very interested in this !!!

    We have been developing an custom application with custom design templates and we want it to be displayed on every browser. 
    Would be really great to get any more information on this topic

    with best regrads

    Sebastian Hellmann

  2. Unknown User (hvw895c)

    I am also interested in this article, but there doesn't seem to be one available. 

    Internet Explorer is losing its market share of users and more people are turning to Google Chrome which isn't supported.  My company either needs to enable Chrome for use or stop using the ITS all together.

    David Stoner

  3. Unknown User (b136ydv)


    das geht, und zwar mit dem zusätzlichen Parameter" &~USERAGENTCHECK=0"


  4. Unknown User (e6k0veq)

    Hallo Herr Eberle,

    wo und wie muss denn dieser Parameter gesetzt werden?

    Markus Spann

  5. Unknown User (b136ydv)

    [a) set the parameter manually on the link http://sapserver:port/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?=&~transaction=SU01%20Parameter1=Value1;Parameter2=Value2&~USERAGENTCHECK=0|http://sapserver:port/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?=&~transaction=SU01%20Parameter1=Value1;Parameter2=Value2*&~USERAGENTCHECK=0*]

    b) but i've just found a docu how you can disable the check on the server side.
    Great documentation: