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With support package and a new safety check has been implemented to compare the downloaded file size from content server with the file size stored in KPRO metadata.  (PLM-29038)


You get the error E8999 or E30080 like this:


E30080 - Error (The file size delivered by the SAP application server differs from the downloaded file size: SAP AS file size: 0 bytes, downloaded file size: xxx bytes for URL ... when transferring the file  ...


E30080 - Fehler (Die vom SAP-Applikationsserver gelieferte Dateigröße weicht von der heruntergeladenen Dateigröße ab: SAP AS Dateigröße: 0 Bytes, heruntergeladene Dateigröße: xxx Bytes für URL ... beim Übertragen der Datei ....

Possible Causes 1

This note is a prerequisite, maybe it is missing: 

2586133 - To return File size as part of exporting parameter in CDESK_SRV_GET_FILES

Possible Causes 2

The file size metadata is stored during the check-in process. If there is a 3rd party check-in process (e.g. conversion server, webui, fiori) which does not provide this info - no data is stored in KPRO metadata then.

Diagnostic Steps

  • ECTR saves the checkin file size with FM /DSCSAG/DOC_CHECKIN_GET_URL - Table IT_DOCUMENTFILES_IN - Field FILE_SIZE. - Check the logs of the last save if a value is sent here. 
  • ECTR reads the checkin file size with FM /DSCSAG/DOC_CHECKOUT_URL2 - Table ET_DOCUMENTFILES - Field FILE_SIZE
  • In CV03n - Environment- Display Changes => Who has done the last Changes to Originals? Double click the line and check the File Size. 

Known Errors and Solutions

Install note 2586133.

If the note does not help you can switch of the safety check with this preference:

plm.doc.checkout.checkExpectedFileSize = false

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