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With support package and a new safety check has been implemented to compare the downloaded file size from content server with the file size stored in KPRO metadata.  (PLM-29038)


You get the error E8999 or E30080 like this:


E30080 - Error (The file size delivered by the SAP application server differs from the downloaded file size: SAP AS file size: 0 bytes, downloaded file size: xxx bytes for URL ... when transferring the file  ...


E30080 - Fehler (Die vom SAP-Applikationsserver gelieferte Dateigröße weicht von der heruntergeladenen Dateigröße ab: SAP AS Dateigröße: 0 Bytes, heruntergeladene Dateigröße: xxx Bytes für URL ... beim Übertragen der Datei ....

Possible Causes 1

This note is a prerequisite, maybe it is missing: 

2586133 - To return File size as part of exporting parameter in CDESK_SRV_GET_FILES

Possible Causes 2

The file size is stored in the checkin process. If there is a 3rd party checkin process (e.g. conversion server) which does not provide this info no data is stored in KPRO metadata then.

Diagnostic Steps

  • ECTR saves the checkin file size with FM /DSCSAG/DOC_CHECKIN_GET_URL - Table IT_DOCUMENTFILES_IN - Field FILE_SIZE.
  • ECTR reads the checkin file size with FM /DSCSAG/DOC_CHECKOUT_URL2 - Table ET_DOCUMENTFILES - Field FILE_SIZE

Known Errors and Solutions

Install note 2586133.

If the note does not help you can switch of the safety check with this preference:

plm.doc.checkout.checkExpectedFileSize = false

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