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This is a blog on the Finite Heuristics available within the Response & Supply application of SAP IBP, including the Time-Series (TS) and Order Based Planning (OBP) Finite Heuristic.

Please note that for the TS finite heuristic both R&S and S&O license are required. For the OBP Contrained Forecast Run (Finite Heuristic or Optimizer) the R&S license is sufficient. See also SAP Help for Applications and Features.

Please see also the Wiki page on R&S Optimizers: IBP R&S Optimizer Success Enablers 


  • Overview of SAP IBP Supply Planning Algorithms (Webinar in Sept 2020) PDF Recording
  • IBP Product Webinar Series, R&S - Tactical & Operational Supply Planning: Recording & Presentation
  • SAP IBP Operational Supply Planning - Overview and Capabilities (May (2020) PDF | Recording
  • SAP IBP Operational Supply Planning - Deployment Planning (Oct 2020): PDF | Recording
  • IBP OBP optimizer webinar (Nov 2020): 

Useful links to SAP IBP Help, specific for R&S (TS = Time-Series, OBP = Order Based Planning):

SAP Notes with useful information for R&S:

IBP Training

IBP Best Practices

IBP Best Practices Explorer, processes specific for R&S in screenshot below

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