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  • Note implementation for BW/4 conversion
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Some of the correction will be delivered by TCI. Please check the documentation attached to

2187425 - Information about SAP Note Transport based Correction Instructions (TCI).

The TCI functionality will be delivered with note 1995550. (it is included in the note analyzer xmls)


(report is attached to 2383530 - Conversion from SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA)

Choose XML file for your scenario (attached to 2383530)

As result you get a list of the relevant note plus status.

The following scenarios could be there


  • Nothing to do


Old version is installed or outdated

  • Download note and/or implement the new version


  • Note must be downloaded and implemented

If you get a manual creation step like this:

Than you must create it manually and then confirm.

If you have a note with manual pre/post step with a recommended report:

You have to execute the report. There are 2 option possible.

1.Call se38 and create the report. As result you will have all objects in, but the note analyzer will show you a yellow light for it

2.You can execute it via note analyzer. For this you have to flag it in snote as complete implemented. If you press the icon in the action field and 

the report isn’t created, you can upload it directly from your desktop

Attached to note 2383530 you can find all files for the automated pre and post steps (SAP_BW_CUSTOM_CODE*). You should download this files and extract to a folder.

Then you have to execute the report.

After you have executed the UDO-report, please check the box

and go forward with the note implementation. 

Sometimes it could happen, that a object (class/prog/meth…) is yellow.

Reasons could be, that the object was created via UDO report or the object was modified or notes were de-implemented

Then please click in the object and adjust the code if necessary.

Check whether the include is yellow because “object exists and will be overwritten”. In this case please check the box. If the message is different and the delta display looks like follows (context block not found etc), please contact SAP.. In this case, the deletion block wasn't found and so the insert block couldn't take over.

Make sure, that all objects are flagged.

If you run report Z_SAP_BW_NOTE_ANALYZER in systems where the notes were imported via transports, than you get yellow lights for "Execute program ZNOTE*". This could happen too, if you call the reports ZNOTE_<notenumber> direct in SE38. 

The note analyzer recognize the status of the reports only, if they are executed direct in the note analyzer framework.

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