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Status Information

SAP note 530563 - WIP calculation: Status DLV and TECO

SAP note 539947 - Status in the results analysis and WIP calculation

SAP note 194746 - Incorrect status during results analysis          

SAP note 370110 - CJC1: missing documentation

SAP note 351421 - Derivation status final billing with SD item summarization

SAP note 364169 - Status FNBL and DLV w/ sales order with structure

KBA 1520867 - How to use Program SAPKKA12 - additional information on report handling

KBA 2927094 - Maintenance order: WIP not cancelled although order has been delivered (DLV) 

Update of RA key

KBA 2624239 - RA key cannot be deleted due to error KJ603 First cancel settlement

SAP note 1834817 - Resetting and regeneration of the results analysis

KBA 2589237 - Update RA KEY in CJ20N

Delete RA data / RA data for future period calculated by mistake

KBA 2547136 - Results Analysis: Long runtime - reading table PERTAB_GEPUFFERT

SAP note 503951 - Delete results analysis data

SAP note 640952 - Deleting results analysis data

Orders cannot be closed - Deletion flag cannot be set - Error KO115 / KO450 / KO451 / KD276

KBA 1846994 - Error KO115 or KO450 when setting a deletion flag on an order

KBA 2540294 - Error KO450 is issued when closing WBS element

KBA 1771819 - Error message KO115 when perform Internal Order closure

KBA 2053355 - Cannot close maintenance order due to error KO115

KBA 2053355 - Message No. KO115 when Order is set as Business Complete

KBA 2635744 - KO451 during order closure

Object Currency / CO area currency

In the standard WIP calculation the WIP is calculated in controlling area currency only and then copied into the company code currency fields if the currencies are identical.

To force the two calculations happen independently, use options c) or d) mentioned in SAP Note 485783.

SAP note 485783 - Results analysis: Object currency

SAP note 485405 - Results analysis: Object currency

SAP note 2650209 - WIP display: Correction for display of object currency in KKAQ

KJ161: There are values for cost element & that are not assigned to any line ID

KBA 2176639 - Error message KJ161 issue when run T-code: KKAX

SAP note 2593664 - Message KJ 161 of results analysis

KD256: There are no accrued amounts; settlement is not possible.

In general, RA data is calculated and settled until statuses TECO or DLV are active in the order. As soon as any of these two statuses is active in the order, Settlement of actual costs takes place.

This error happens because there are missing calculations or customizing in Results analysis (OKG* transactions). If the order (controlling object, in general) carries a Results Analysis key, please, perform the following checks:

  1. Check if WIP / RA data has been calculated for the order (data appears in table COSB).
  2. Check if WIP has already been settled, so there will be no delta from the previous settlement of RA data.
  3. Check if the there are posting rules maintained for the CO Area, RA version... in the customizing (OKG8).
  4. Check if any of the RA versions has flag "Transfer to financial accounting" set (transaction OKG2).

If any of the checks above fails, KD256 error will correctly prompt.

KD276: (& : WiP in Financial Accounting is still to be cleared/settled

Even though the balance of the order appears to be zero it may be that WIP has not been reversed or that the WIP reversal has not yet been settled.

You can check this with report COPCOBJ_REORGCHECK.

Whenever possible, follow the long text of message KD276.

If there are unsettled costs from previous fiscal years it might not be feasible to settle the order again. If you want to close this order in spite of the unsettled WIP cancellation I suggest to change the message KD276 into a warning message in transaction OBA5. 

In OBA5 choose 'KD' for application area.

Please note that you always have to manually correct the WIP-accounts in this case!

SAP note 421710 - Check report whether "Deletion flag" status can be set

Reports SAPKKA12 / SAPKKA13 / SAPKKA14

  • SAPKKA12
    Program SAPKKA12 sets the CO status for sales orders involved in results analysis to DLV (delivered), FNBL (final billing), TECO (technically completed), and CLSD (closed).
    KBA 1520867 - How to use Program SAPKKA12 - additional information on report handling

  • SAPKKA13
    Program SAPKKA13 reverses line items of Results Analysis

  • SAPKKA14
    Program SAPKKA14 compares WIP/Results Analysis data between Controlling (CO) and Financial Accounting (FI)

Flag "split creation/usage" in RA version (OKG2)

  • SAP note 501915 - Creation, cancellation, and usage of reserves
  • KBA 2474641 - WIP calculation/settlement produces more than one entry in COSB/COSBD table

Cutoff period

  • The cutoff period for the WIP calculation is set in transaction KKA0.
  • The cutoff period for WIP should be adjusted periodically to avoid WIP postings into old periods.

Event based revenue recognition

  • SAP note 2700588 - Event Based Revenue Recognition versus Results Analysis in a few sentences

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