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When you check CDS extraction using report RODPS_REPL_TEST, what suffix should be appended after the sql view name?

It's decided by the of type of data category:

1.Dimension.                  @Analytics.dataCategory: #DIMENSION. → master data, material & customer & cost center →  sqlviewname$P

2.Fact.                             @Analytics.dataCategory: #FACT → transactional data, they should not be joined with master data views → sqlviewname$F

3.Cube.                           @Analytics.dataCategory: #CUBE → queries are built on Cube → sqlviewname$F

4.Text                              @ObjectModel.dataCategory: #TEXT → sqlviewname$T

5.Hierarchy                     @ObjectModel: dataCategory: #HIERARCHY → sqlviewname$H

6.No explicit definition   sqlviewname$E

7.Aggregation level.       @ObjectModel.dataCategory: #AGGREGATIONLEVEL → no corresponding suffix

F        Transaction Data/Facts
P        Master Data/Attributes
Q        Time-Dependent Master Data/Attributes
T        Texts
H        Hierarchies
E        Extraction view w/o Semantics