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will be transleted (smile)

The time has come. In the run-up to the #vSAPStammtisch -en, we talked a lot about the face-to-face meetings at the Stammtische, SAP Inside Tracks, SAP TechEd, SAP CodeJam and so on. We often praised the culinary specialities. From this, the idea developed with colleagues to organise a culinary together during the pandemic time (Apèro). The combination of Secret Santa and sending each other a "food package" with a focus on local specialities. When we discussed this topic at the #vSAPStammtisch its making us mostly happy to exchange the ideas of local food :)

Some rules

The following common friendly framework help us to to do the #SAPWichtelApero

  • Value of goods in the range of 20€-30€. 
  • Do not send fresh goods (e.g. fresh fish)
  • Food please in original packaging - hygiene issue in the pandemic
  • Local reference e.g. Currywurst, Berliner Weisse
  • Send in time. Deadline should be 23.3 (so that you have a chance to keep the drinks cold).
  • The question "What should I put in the package? has already been approached creatively by many. Currywurst, Berliner Weisse, etc.
  • Number of participants is limited to 50 - registration on SITREG participants are visible with waiting list function*.
  • Deadline for registration is 18.3.2021
  • Deadline for sending is 23.3.2021 20:00
  • Invitation can be forwarded, please on trustfull SAP collegues (smile) There is a waiting list function on SITREG.


from Bern could be......     




ca. weight in kg
1 Fl.Weisswein121x0.8

Heida or Yvornne e.g.


Fl. Bier Appenzeller Quellfrisch

( I discoverred much more different beer bootles of "Appenzeller" in our COOP shop round the corner.)  





kleine Tüte Chips30.100

1Tafel Schokolade von Cailler oder Ovomaltine ( auf dem Bild sind die Prügeli von Cailler)40.200


How is it going

The idea is as follows

  1. Decision to participate - registration on SITREG by 18.3.2021. The sooner the better 😊
  2. Please enter your complete delivery address in the registration. So that the parcel arrives safely.
  3. Enter any special requirements in the Company field during registration
    1. e.g. lactose, no alcohol, no nuts, soya
    2. We will try to take this into account. If you have a problem with this write to me
  4. Within a few days, you will receive a confirmation email that you are participating and the address of your Secret Santa partner. You can also see the participants on the SITREG page.

  5. Please send the package to the post office by 23.3.2021 at the latest! You can also send it earlier. I think Package tracking is cool (wink)

  6. Possibly take a photo of the parcel and its contents beforehand - for a picture wall.

  7. Be happy and be patient. When you receive the parcel, simply share it on Twitter using the keyword #vSAPWichtelApero 😊

  8. The date: 1.4.2021 19:00 is meeting point on Zoom. Join the  "Apèro"

  9. Questions directly in the FAQ or to me. Please read first the FAQ. Will try to answer promptly in the evening or morning.  

  10. Everything else is in flux 😊 Hope that works for you.

It's nice that we can do something like this together. Stay healthy.


  • Feel free to check this FAQ first before asking


    Is it a good Idea to send cookie from my grandmother? I love them so much
    • In time of pandemic and increased hygiene standard - please send only stuff from the shop and originally packed.
      • If its realy important for you, send a picture of your cookie (smile)

    I have questions about the event. Where can i ask?Feel free to ask in this FAQ or comments.  I will complete the FAQ. Hope this fits for you

    Which language will be spoken?

    Seems a lot of german spoken people are around. If you join as as a english speaker, we will speak english! This is a #SAPCommunity event.

    Is this a official SAP Event?No. Its a private event of openminded, noncomercial, SAP Enthusiasts

    What is a Wichtel?Wikipedia entry for Wichteln. Please translate it with google or deepl

    What is a Apero?Wikipedia entry for "Apéro". Please translate it with google or deepl

    What happens if i am not at home for the party?Just take your package with you and join us from your Hotel or a relaxed location (smile) 

    On this date 1.4 i am on the road. But i would like to participate. What can i do?

    Is it allowed to send "Kölsch" to participants around "Düsseldorf"?Should be a good friend. I wouldnt do that (smile)

    I am always late. Is it alowed to send the "Päckli" one day later?Imagine on the day the party will be. The päckli will arrive at 06:00 CET. Do you like warm beer or white wine in best case (wink)

    I would like to participate on this event and send my favourite can of beer. Should i do something special?

    Wow it will be a huge package. Should i drink and eat this all on this event?You can do if you want. From my point of view - I like to share with my family "the surprises". Its still enough there for the Apéro 

    1.4 is this a hoax or joke?No. Its the day before easter and if you know some jokes, we will open a breakoutrooms for jokes (smile)

    Where can i register my participation?

    Seem the Text up there is not so clear. Here the Link again . Hope this helps (smile)

    Cool Idea! Can i copy this idea and make it better (smile)?Of course. Its a community event with trustfull partners. In our case - we know our community members from different SAP Events! 

    Wich postal company should i take?DHL, UPS etc. There are several companys with valueble delivery options.

    Today its the 17.03.2021. I am little bit nervous. Can i do something?Yes you can. Organize the packaging and the goods. Perhaps a little more, so you can taste on coming weekend thats all fine (smile)))

    When will be the lottery of my partner?Saturday Night Fever (smile)

    Where can i order a package?I dont know. I pack all the stuff what i think is cool in a package and then i try to be patient (smile) Curious about the reactions on the other side on the 1.4.

    Can i build a package by myself?Yes. Pls no homecooking stuff in the times of pandemic!

    How many people will be thereNo more then 30 from ou experience

    Is it a national or international event?We would like to do international event (Europe - international shipping costs are quite high)

    When will be the next #vSAPWichtelApero?We dicussed it on the late or early time of the event. 26.11.2021 Fr. 19:00 and 1.04.2022 (50th Birthday of SAP)


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