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  • SAP BW/4HANA Conversion Note Analyzer: Which XML do I need for which conversion scenario?
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I want to implement the Pre-Check in a 7.01 System. Then, I would need the XML file SAP_BW4HANA_Pre_Checks_[last_updated].xml from SAP Note 2383530. If the system is on 7.3, then I have to use the XML SAP_BW4HANA_Readiness_Check_[last_updated].xml from SAP Note 2575059. 

Starting with SAP BW 7.30, we introduced a new Pre-Check. This is the base for the Readiness Check, too.

If I want to do a Shell conversion and the system is on SAP BW 7.40, then I would need XML  SAP_BW4HANA_Shell_Conversion_(Original_System)_[last_updated].xml from SAP Note 2383530 in my sender system and XML SAP_BW4HANA_Shell_Conversion_(Target_System)_[last_updated].xml from SAP Note 2383530 in my target system.

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