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Purpose of this page is to explain the Park & Hold functionality in purchasing documents.


Park & Hold functionality enables to handle purchasing documents different ways, depending on the related errors or the approval.  


If You create purchasing document without any errors, the document will have active status after saving. Follow-on document can be created.

If there are errors in the document, the data can be saved, but

  • the document cannot have active status
  • no follow-on document can be created
  • You can retrieve the document and resume at a later time.

If Park & Hold functionality enabled, the document can have two different statuses after saving, depending on the errors:

Hold function:
  • document may contain any kind of errors.
Park function:
  • document is acceptable from Materials Management perspective.
  • document may contain FI (Financials) related errors.
  • document available for workflow processing.

Below you can find a flowchart visualizing above:

Business documents

The Park & Hold functionality is enabled for Purchasing requisition (BUS2105) and Purchase Order (BUS2012).


Park & Hold functionality can be enabled in Purchasing documents with business function LOG_MM_CI_3.

If the business function is enabled, the functionality can be enabled in the IMG (transaction SPRO or OLME) at following path:

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide

→ Materials Management

→ Purchasing

→ Environment Data

→ 'Activate 'Park and Hold' in Purchasing Documents'

(view V_T161PH, table T161PH)

Technical information

Park & Hold functionality is related to two fields: MEMORY and MEMORYTYPE.

For Purchase requisitions, these fields are in the EBAN table, for Purchase Order in the EKKO table.

If the documents are saved only and not active, the MEMORY field is always set to 'X'.

The field MEMORYTYPE can have following values:

'Empty' - Document Saved as Complete
P - Document Parked
H - Document on Hold
A - Document for Approval

Recommended breakpoint


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