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When using SSO the upper error appears.

Question or Problem


  • Logon process


Caused by:

  • PLM-30435 - The use of the library was unintentionally commented out. 



Logon process with SSO and SapCrypto fails. 

Workaround and Solutions

Change this file: ...\customize\config\plm_initialize.env

Remove the comments "#" from SSO_TYPE and PLM_SNC_LIB.

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Define the location where the SNC library is located. The correct
# entry depends on the type of security mechanism your SAP system uses.
# Please note that this is only an example, the correct type depends on 
# your system setup (SapCrypto | Keberos | NTLM)

    SSO_TYPE = SapCrypto
    PLM_SNC_LIB = %SNC_LIB_64%

   # SSO_TYPE=Kerberos
   # PLM_SNC_LIB = %SysWOW64%\\gx64krb5.dll

   # PLM_SNC_LIB = %SysWOW64%\\gx64ntlm.dll

Use ECTR as soon it is available.

Fixed with PLM-31279.

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