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The SAP HANA Database & Analytics Campus invites

  • Students
  • Professors, and
  • Faculty members

interested in academic research in industrial environment to join our seventh Open House virtually from out of SAP's headquarters. 

Throughout your day, you will get an overview of academic research at SAP, meet the architects of SAP HANA, SAP Data Management,
SAP Analytics, SAP Cloud Platform & SAP Technology Core Platform (just to mention some) and learn more about academic collaborations.

There are a couple of interesting presentations by developers and academic partners. Current students and PhD candidates present their work and research.

For external students and faculty members it is a great chance to find interesting topics for internships, theses and collaboration in general.

Date: November 11th, 2021 from 09:00 until 17:30

Campus Videos@Youtube


Team presentations will be recorded

09:00-10:15 Opening and Keynote 

09:00-09:15 Welcome & Opening by Heinz Häfner - who guides you through the day

09:15-10:15 Keynote by Prof. Wolfgang Lehner (TU Dresden) and Norman May (SAP HANA Database Team) about practical aspects of industry <==> academic cooperation

in cooperation with Team 1.                      

10:15-10:30 Team 0: Campus Recruiting - Margit Herrler, SAP Campus Strategy & Engagement Lead DACH

10:30-10:45 Team 1: Research Campus - Arne Schwarz, event host & Head of SAP HANA Database & Analytics Campus

10:45-11:30 Data Intelligence

10:45-11:00 Team 2: Data Intelligence - Eric SIMONChief Scientist - 1 / 2

11:00-11:15 Team 3: Data Intelligence - Eric SIMONChief Scientist - 2 / 2

11:15-11:30 Team 4: Data Intelligence Core Services - "DI performance testing" - Jan-Markus Schwindt and/or Simon Gawlok

11:30-12:00 TI ABAP Platform team

11:30-11:45 Team 5: ABAP Platform - Boris Gebhard, Chief Product Owner of the ABAP Platform at SAP SE, 1 / 2 

11:45-12:00 Team 6: ABAP Platform - Boris Gebhard, Chief Product Owner of the ABAP Platform at SAP SE,  2 / 2

12:00-13:00 Booth & Poster Session 1 - Morning Session:

13:00-14:00 Lunch break

14:00-14:30 SAP HANA Cloud

14:00-14:15 Team 7: HANA Cloud - Frank Köhler, Development Architect within SAP’s Hana Cloud unit

14:15-14:30 Team 8: HANA Cloud Data Lake - Radwan Deeb

14:30-14:45 SAP Global Cloud Services - Innovation Office

14:30-14:45 Team 9: HANA Cloud Services, Patrick Jahnke, Head GCS Innovation Office

14:45-15:15 SAP HANA Multi-Model

14:45-15:00 Team 10: Graph - Matthias Hauck,  DocStore - Christian BensbergSpatialDaniel  Radke - 1/2

15:00-15:15 Team 11: Graph - Matthias Hauck,  DocStore - Christian BensbergSpatialDaniel  Radke - 2/2

15:15-16:00 HANA & Analytics Cross Engineering | HANA & HANA Cloud Quality Engineering

15:15-15:30 Team 12: General insight into infrastructure topics and technical challenges, Stephan Kraft

15:30-15:45 Team 13: Projekt Mira - ML, Felix Schabernack, Senior Developer within HANA & HANA Cloud Quality Engineering

15:45-16:00 Team 14: Enhancing Cloud Support Experience using Feedbackservices, Daniel Dierolf, Development Expert within HANA Development Support

16:00-16:15 Data Warehousing

16:00-16:15 Team 15: Data Warehousing - Product Management, Fabian Hartje, Product Management

16:15-16:30 HANA Cloud Performance

16:15-16:30 Team16: Benchmarking in the Cloud, Enno Folkerts, 

16:30-17:30 Booth & Poster Session 2 - Afternoon Session: 

17:30-17:45 Closing (Heinz Häfner & Arne Schwarz)

IMPORTANT: By participating you agree to appear in photos taken and videos recorded during the event that will be published.


Looking forward to seeing you virtually in Walldorf,

The SAP HANA Database Campus

Teams (more to come soon)

SAP HANA Database

With the SAP HANA® database, SAP has created a completely new database technology for the current generation of business applications that combines transactional and analytical data processing. The in-memory computing technology can store data in rows or columns, resulting in higher performance and higher data compression rates. Its standard semantic data model enables SQL access and supports domain-specific language. Multicore processors and a distributed architecture enable SAP HANA to scale incredibly well. And it’s all from SAP, one of Europe’s leading software manufacturers.

SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake

SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake team is a diverse team with members working on multiple projects in multiple locations across multiple continents. The team focuses on new technologies in database and big data world and delivers products in cloud environment.

SAP HANA Multi-Model

A multi-model database is a single, integrated data platform that can store, access, and process different types of data to carry out multiple tasks. With Spatial, Graph and the Document Store SAP HANA offers multiple data models with dedicated processing engines and even programming models (e.g. graph script, path queries, spatial functions) beyond relational models.

HANA & Analytics Cross Engineering | HANA & HANA Cloud Quality Engineering

HANA & HANA Cloud Quality Engineering supports the development of SAP HANA and enables the transition towards SAP HANA Cloud with service defined by our HANA Cloud Quality strategy. This will ultimately enable the entire organization to build, test, secure, release, and deploy along the full HANA Cloud stack in an efficient, highly qualitative, reliable, and compliant manner.

SAP Data Intelligence (DI)

SAP Data Intelligence (SAP DI) is a big data platform. It allows to define, execute, schedule and maintain data pipelines. Those pipelines read structured, semi-structured or unstructured data from a variety of sources and apply operators to that data. These can be standard operators – e.g. type conversions, image processing operations – or generic operators such as scripts or programs from a variety of programming languages. The output of a data pipeline is typically stored in one or more target systems. The execution of these pipelines is done in a containerized, distributed environment that runs on Kubernetes. In the area of machine learning (ML), pipelines are used for both, training an ML model and applying the latter to a set of data. SAP DI comes in various flavours: as a simple and shared offering as part of SAP's Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), as an exclusive DI cloud or as an on-premise DI system.

TI ABAP Platform

ABAP Platform is the technology foundation of SAP’s flagship solution S/4HANA and other forthcoming innovative solutions such as IBP and BW4/HANA. ABAP Platform combines the innovation potential of SAP HANA on the backend side with the proven reliability and robustness of the ABAP server providing a digital experience through SAP FIORI. The mission of the ABAP Platform team is to exploit SAP HANA for innovative application development in a cloud first approach. Customers are free, though, to deploy their SAP solution on top of ABAP Platform in their traditional on-premise environments. The ABAP Platform team delivers the tools and runtime environment to develop and execute applications written in ABAP. If you like to live your creativity and want to make a difference, then come and join our team to write your thesis.

SAP Global Cloud Services - Innovation Office

The set-up of GCS's Innovation Office is highly interdisciplinary to understand the current challenges, and trade-offs, learn about and keep up with state-of-the-art datacenter designs, and find opportunities to improve data centers by tailoring such designs to the demands of SAP’s cloud offerings.

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