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Performance when scheduling mass activities under SAP HANA:

  • scheduling of mass activities (like FPY1, FPVA, FP03M, FPRV, EA29 ...) takes too much time
  • using option 'start immediately' job is getting stuck 
  • program RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER takes longer than usually
  • scheduler does not schedule the second job

  • encountering time_out when performing mass activity
  • mass activity getting completed without processing any interval and job log in SM37 still showing as active

Root Cause

  • issue happens while using parallel processing object GPART with a variant
  • BUT000 selection in module FKK_DI_GPART_DETERMINE_CLOSE


Implement note 3051729.

FI-CA 3051729 FI-CA on SAP HANA: Performance when scheduling mass activities (GPART)

HAN-DB-PERF 2000002 FAQ: SAP HANA SQL Optimization
13. Are there standard recommendations for specific SQL statements available?
In general it is hard to provide standard recommendations because optimizations often depend on the situation on the individual system. Nevertheless there are some exceptions where the underlying root cause is of a general nature. These SQL statements are collected in the following table:

Statement hashTypeObjectOptimization





This statement with a GPART interval selected in the WHERE clause ("PARTNER" > ? AND "PARTNER" <= ?) is used when scheduling mass activities and using the business partner (GPART) object for parallel processing. The related application source is SAPLFKDI, the related function module is FKK_DI_GPART_DETERMINE_CLOSED. Due to changing parameters after the first execution, the query performance can degrade significantly when using an HEX index scan (SAP Note 2570371). You can either add the hint NO_USE_HEX_PLAN (SAP HANA <= 2.0 SPS 05) or NO_HEX_INDEX_SCAN (SAP HANA >= 2.0 SPS 06). See SAP Note 2142945 for more information related to SAP HANA hints.

SAP Note 3051729 provides an application correction containing the hint.

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