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SAP® MaxDB - Database Console (XCONS)



Moderator: Birgit Malik

WIKI Space Editor: Thiago Lüttig


The SAP MaxDB database Console (XCONS) can be used to monitor current operations on the database. The database console program is a database tool that gives you a quick overview of the operating system resources being used by the database system, the distribution of database sessions to threads, and the status of active database sessions.  

Start Database Console Program

Call at Shell Level

x_cons <database_name> <command> [<interval> [<repeat>]]

  • <command> : XCONS command
  • <interval> : Time between repetitions of the same command. If you do not specify an <interval>, the command is executed once.
  • <repeat> : Number of times the command is repeated. If you specify an <interval> but no <repeat>, the command is repeated an unlimited number of times.

Further information: documentation XCONS 

Call with Database Manager CLI

dbmcli -d <database_name> -u <dbm_operator>, <password> <command>
You can also execute all console commands with Database Manager CLI.

 Further Information: DBM commands showdb_cons



SAP Notes

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