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Use Case

A where-used list should be made for each of the selected documents. The result is displayed per document in a separate SAP ECTR object list.


How to create the „where used“ macro

  1. Create a new macro document
  2. Right mouse click (RMB) on the newly created document and click “Edit Macro”
  3. In the popup window paste the following code inside the { } of function main()

    1. kl = KEYLIST_FROM_CONTEXT( "active", "selected", "doc" ) // Get all selected documents
      for (var i=0; i<=kl.length-1; i++) { // Loop over all selected documents
      	is = CREATE_SET(kl[i]) // Create a Set per document
      	os = TRANSFORM_SET( is, "where_used") // Perform the "where used" search
      	rl = KEYLIST_FROM_SET( os ) // Put the result in a Keylist
      	WRITE_OBJECTLIST(rl, kl[i] ) // Create an object list per document with the results inside
  4. Result
  5. Now highlight one or more documents in the Desktop or Assemblies window and click the green arrow in the macros window.
  6. As a result for each highlighted document an object list is created.


This macro is just a demonstrator. It has to be refined. For example:

  • Error handling
  • Do not return folders
  • Better naming of object lists
  • Creating contextual menu entries ( fnc.execute.macro() )
  • ...

For more information about SAP ECTR macros :

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