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Well, this is an effort to cut down time on troubleshooting the JCO connections in Netweaver Enterprise Portal 2004s

Common Errors

1.$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to message server host failed Connect_PM TYPE=B MSHOST=ptgsap10 GROUP=SPACE R3NAME=EC6 MSSERV=sapmsEC6 PCS=1 LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode ERROR partner '192.x.x.x:sapmsEC6' not reached TIME Fri Sep 19 14:21:52 2008 RELEASE 700 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 38 RC -10 MODULE nixxi.cpp LINE 2770 DETAIL NiPConnect2 SYSTEM CALL connect ERRNO 10061 ERRNO TEXT WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection refused COUNTER 1

Solution :
Check if the ECC system exists and the Technical system is configured properly.

2.$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to message server host failed Connect_PM TYPE=B MSHOST=sapde600 GROUP=PUBLIC R3NAME=DE6 MSSERV=sapmsDE6 PCS=1 ERROR service 'sapmsDE6' unknown TIME Fri Sep 19 08:44:13 2008 RELEASE 700 COMPONENT NI (network interface) VERSION 38 RC -3 MODULE nixxhsl.cpp LINE 776 DETAIL NiHsLGetServNo: service name cached as unknown COUNTER 1

Solution :

On the portal server in services file add the entry
sapmsDE6 3600/tcp # SAP System Messaging Service Port

3.$Exception: (102) RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: Connect to message server host failed Connect_PM TYPE=B MSHOST=qashost GROUP=ABC R3NAME=QAS MSSERV=sapmsQAS PCS=1 ERROR Group ABC not found TIME Fri Sep 19 14:30:18 2008 RELEASE 700 COMPONENT LG VERSION 5 RC -6 MODULE lgxx.c LINE 4298 DETAIL LgIGroupX COUNTER 1

Solution :

Check the LOGON Group .
Login to the backend system and go to the transaction SMLG and check the Logon Group.
Login to the SLD via http://FQDN:portnumber/sld/index.jsp
Choose the Technical system and choose the message server and add the logon group there.
Come back to the JCO that you want to test and select the same logon group here as well.
Test the JCO (smile)

4.$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: User SAPUSER has no RFC authorization for function group SYST

Solution :
Add the correct client number while testing the JCO and check the authorizations for SAPUSER

5.$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Name or password is incorrect (repeat logon)

Solution :
Correct the username
Correct the password

6.$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: User J2EE_ADMIN has no RFC authorization for function group SYST.

Solution :
Used Method might have to be chosen as Logon ticket
Change to user id/password and resolved

7. Failed to enrich connection properties

Solution :
If you are using the used method as X.509 certificate.
Change the used method to either ticket or user/password

Good Luck!

Sandeep Tudumu

8. type could not be loaded: Type does not exist

Solution :

Re-start your J2EE server or Re-import the model

Have a nice day.


  1. Unknown User (jnqnam9)


    We are getting this error when accessing the ESS iviews after a break - JCo time out like on a Monday after a weekend. Even on a new portal session, for the first time when the user accesses the ESS, JCo exception. For the second attempt, everything works fine. Do you know anywhere to increase the time out/ life time parameters?

    I have the image of the error, not the text. The error message seems the same except that

    ERRNO 10054

    as per link - or the messages posted in this wiki.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you,


  2. With regard to item 8, if the restart does not work, check the connection to the backend. The user system of JCO in question may be in trouble. And if a new model to JCO was never able to cache the structures of BAPIs and for this reason the error is TypeNotFound.

  3. Common Erorrs 2:

    If the JAVA and the ABAP system uses the same port for the internal messagserver you will receive RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION indicating you have problem with the official messaqgeserver.

    Systems communicating with internal messageservers cannot use the same portnumbers.