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This issue affects the version prior to with the SAP Content server version 7.53.

Question or Problem


  • You try to upload originals to the SAP Content server.


  • When uploading originals ECTR uses the HTTP "PUT" Method, the Content server does not always close the upload connection.
    ECTR then uses the same connection again but the Content server does not react to this upload.
  • You will find such an error in the log file:
[11:47:16.816] CNV                   Could not close streams. Unexpected end of file from serverDie Datei konnte nicht hochgeladen werden: 'c:\temp\....pdf'
[11:47:16.816] CNV          Unexpected end of file from server
[11:47:16.816] CNV                   	at java.base/
[11:47:16.816] CNV                   	at java.base/
[11:47:16.816] CNV                   	at java.base/

Caused by

SAP Content version 7.53 with patch 919.

See note 3136489 - ICM and Web Dispatcher crash in function HttpPlugInHandleNetData

Workaround for Content server

Add the following line to the Content Server profile:
icm/HTTP/mod_0 = PREFIX=/, FILE=$(DIR_PROFILE)/mod_0.txt

Then, create the file mod_0.txt in the profile folder with the following content:
SetResponseHeader Connection Close

Restart the Content Server and test.

Workaround in ECTR

Set the following preference in the customize\config\default.txt.

With this change ECTR will use "POST" method for upload files which seems to not trigger this error in the content server.

plm.http.upload.usePostMethod = true

ECTR will change the standard method to "POST" in future because this method allows to upload files larger than 2GB.


See note 3163841 - Failure after PUT request when HTTP/1.1 is used (connection re-use)

See also

3069433 - SAP ECTR Frontend Read timed out error