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In BW it is possible to create reports with time-based variance information using the so called Current Member Variable feature.

Based on this technology, SAC allows to visually display time-based variance information directly in certain Chart types. Some more information including pre-requisites and restrictions to using this features can be found in the SAP Online Documention Time-Based Variances (Specifics for SAP BW).

Important points to start with:

  • Currently the following time dimensions/characteristics are supported: 0CALDAY, 0CALMONTH, 0CALQUARTER, 0CALYEAR
    (0CALWEEK, uncompounded time dimensions as well as 0FISC* dimensions are not supported)
  • Only one time dimension is allowed to be used in the chart. No other different time dimensions must be used in the chart (axis, filter or other variances).
  • A Virtual Time Hierarchy needs to be active on the time dimension that is to be used for BW Time-Based Variances.
    • The hierarchy subsequently can be used to drill between the different time granularity levels
    • E.g. hieraerchy 0YEA_QUA_MON_DAY can be used to drill from YEAR → Quarter → Month → Day.
    • Virtual Time Hierarchies can be activated via transaction RSRHIERARCHYVIRT, see WIKI OT-OLAP-HIER:VirtualTimeHierarchies
    • All time dimensions available in the selected Virtual Time Hierarchy need to be available on query design level (e.g available as free characteristics).

SAP Online Documention

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