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This issue affects version / and higher releases. 

Question or Problem


  • You try to create a new document or save a document.


  • You get the error:

    E02090 = Error while checking-in the original file(s):
    E07778 = Could not upload file: ...
    Document creation will be canceled (rollback).
    E02090 = Fehler beim Einchecken der Originale:
    E07778 = Die Datei konnte nicht hochgeladen werden: ...
    Dokumentanlage wird wieder rückgängig gemacht (Rollback).
  • In the log file it looks like this:

    [15:28:06.120] UC1T0                 Die Datei konnte nicht hochgeladen werden: '<FILENAME>'
    [15:28:06.120] UC1T0                 java.lang.Exception: 
    [15:28:06.120] UC1T0                 	at cadagent.cfc.util.HttpUploadPost.checkHttpResponse(
    [15:28:06.178] OMF-Q                 [ERROR: HttpUploadAnswer] (Die Datei konnte nicht hochgeladen werden: '<FILENAME>') on attempts to upload file <FILENAME>
  • Or like that:

    [10:05:23.135] UC1T0                      Die Datei konnte nicht hochgeladen werden: '<FILENAME>'
    [10:05:23.135] UC1T0             Eine bestehende Verbindung wurde softwaregesteuert
    [10:05:23.135] UC1T0                      durch den Hostcomputer abgebrochen
    [10:05:23.135] UC1T0                      	at java.base/$1.hasNext(Unknown Source)
    [10:05:23.135] UC1T0                      	at java.base/java.util.Spliterators$IteratorSpliterator.trySplit(Unknown Source)


Caused by

PLM-31535 - Fixed: Check-in of large file using Attachment Services fails with E02002 and E04060 

=> In this task the upload process has been changed to use "POST" as default. 
For SAP Content Servers lower then release 7.53 the POST mode can be used as a workaround to upload files larger than 2 GB.

Now it has been observed that the URL created by SAP for the upload request is not compatible with some 3rd party content server implementations in "POST" mode. 
So if you receive this error, use the "PUT" mode as before.


Change this setting by adding this preference to default.txt:

plm.http.upload.usePostMethod = false

With (PLM-33998) the default will be changed back to "PUT" again.