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A Location is a geographical place. A location is used to communicate place information in business processes.
Locations can be places within and outside a company.You can use the location to model places to or from which goods shipments are sent, through which shipments pass, or at which services are provided. A location can have a hierarchical relationship to another location. This means that the physical structure of company sites can be modeled from a cross-company perspective.

To use the operation of this business object, you must use the Master Data (SCM-APO-MD) application component.
When you use enterprise services for locations, you can either use SAP SCM internal location IDs, or you can use external location IDs, such as location IDs taken from an SAP ERP system. In these cases, proceed as follows:

If you use external location IDs, use the LocationInternalID field for the location ID. In addition, make sure that the service fills the SchemeAgencyID field with the logical system from which the location ID originates.
To ensure the uniqueness of the location ID, you must also provide the location type. Therefore, the service must also fill the LocationTypeCode field.

If you use SAP SCM internal IDs, do not fill the SchemeAgencyID and LocationTypeCode fields.

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