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Welcome to the SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) topic. Feel free to create new pages or enhance the existing ones.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management offers you flexible, automated support with processing various goods movement and managing stock in your warehouse. The system supports you with planned and efficient processing of all logistics processes in your warehouse complex. EWM efficiently handles all internal process of a warehouse efficiently - goods receipt and goods issue, complex cross-docking, slotting, packing and shipping logistics, as well as cross-function activities such as labor management and analytics.

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For interaction with SAP Support, check below KBA:

2349831 - How to create the perfect incident for EWM (SCM-EWM) component and subcomponent

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    Fundamentals of SCM EWM is one of the best books for beginners, experienced WM consultants, and SAP customers who are looking to implement SCM Extended Warehouse Management (SCM-EWM) solution. This will make your fundamentals very strong.

  2. Very good wiki.  Thanks!   Would you please update latest realese 1909 info?  Like this →