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Welcome to the SAP Transportation Management WIKI Space. This is the SCN WIKI starting point for topics around Transportation Management.

Feel free to create and correct entries, as well as provide comments on the existing links.

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Discretion advised.

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) is a standalone Application from SAP AG. This application caters to the Transportation Management Software market. SAP TM Solution has been designed for transportation and logistics requirement of all industries and helps them to reduce transportation costs and improve logistics efficiency and flexibility. It enhances the architecture of SAP's existing transportation solution for manufacturers. SAP TM enables you to manage all inbound and outbound domestic and international freight in the same environment and provides traceability and visibility of orders, shipments, items, and logistics processes. With SAP TM, you can plan the transportation of shipments for many common order types such as sales and purchase orders, returns, and stock transfers.

The benefits derived from using SAP TM include the following:

  • Reduced costs and improved operational performance
  • Improved carrier collaboration and resource utilization
  • Efficient, end-to-end order and process management
  • Efficient logistics and fulfillment processes
  • Improved execution visibility and responsiveness