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UseThe Universal Worklist (UWL) provides unified and centralized access to the open work of a user and the relevant information in the portal. It collects tasks and notifications from multiple provider systems in one list for one-stop access.Using the public UWL APIs and the MDM Connector, the MDM UWL allows you to carry out the following actions:Display MDM workflow jobs or tasksDelete jobs or tasksLaunch unlaunched jobsAdd and remove records from unlaunched jobsSend workflow tasks to the next stepDisplay the History of a workflow task or a completed job.Execute those operations that are visible for the same job/task in SAP MDM Data Manager Workflow, for example Next Step and Assign.For more information about the MDM workflow, refer to the section MDM Workflows in the MDM Data Manager Reference Guide.Set the UWL Item Types for MDM in the following sequence:


UWL Item Type

MDM Task Type

MDM Task Status



Any type







_TYPE, and default


<tableCode> is optional, depending on your scenario.1.     If there is only one (default) table that must be enabled for workflow on the portal, then the <tableCode> can be ignored. Portal content (iViews, pages) must be created for this default table and the links in UWL Content Configuration must be maintained for this portal content.2.     If there are multiple tables that must be enabled for workflow on the portal, then the <tableCode> must be maintained. For each table, portal content (iViews, pages), must be created and the links in UWL Content Configuration must be maintained for all of these tables.The available MDM Workflow attributes in UWL Items are: 1.     mdmStatus2.     stepId3.     stepName4.     jobId5.     userNames6.     workflowTableThey are available for personalization in the following UWL MDM Views:1.     My Open MDM Jobs2.     My Open MDM Tasks3.     Completed MDM TasksFor more information related to the meaning of the Workflow Job/Task attributes, please review the MDMOnline Documentation. The UWL shows the time stamp in the tool tip of the UWL item attribute Sent.PrerequisitesThe MDM 5.5 SP5 software components are deployed.1.     An MDM repository is available: 1.1     The repository can be accessed using MDM Data Manager and MDM Console.1.2     The content of the repository is visible in portal iViews.2.     The workflow template and the workflow scenario must be operational using SAP MDM Data Manager.ProcedureCheck the portal system objects to make sure the attribute Tables with Workflows is reset (blank).Create new systems for UWL by choosing: System Administration ? System Configuration ? Universal Worklist & Workflow ? UWL Systems Configuration, choosing the connector, MdmUwlConnector
It is possible to limit the access of portal users to the repository workflow by assigning a portal role to the UWL system.

 Check if the configuration mdm exists by choosing System Administration ? System Configuration ? Universal Worklist & Workflow ? Universal Worklist Administration ? Universal Worklist Content Configuration ? Display or Remove Current Configurations and Their Customization. If the MdmUwlConnector and/or the configuration mdm is not available, refresh the services of application by choosing System Administration ? Support ? Portal Runtime ? Application Console. The dependent application must be visible. Refresh the service of application 
After every restart of J2EE/Portal, it is recommended to restart the services of application

   Clear the UWL cache by choosing System Administration ? System Configuration ? Universal Worklist & Workflow ? Universal Worklist Administration ? Universal Worklist Cache Admin.

    Log onto the portal with the relevant role. The top-level navigation workflow displays the UWL with MDM Workflow jobs and/or tasks from the connected repositories. If a portal user only sees his or her data, you need to make the following settings:Create a user with the same ID in the MDM repository.Allow individual (self) user mapping in the portal personalization.Set the UserMapping attribute for the portal system object to Admin/User.Define an alias for the portal system object to ensure that the system is available for user mapping in portal personalization. The UWL can launch a portal role-based dependent iView or page when adding or removing records from unlaunched jobs, or showing the records of a workflow task. This can be configured in the UWL content configuration using the MDM UWL iView launcher MdmIViewLauncher instead of the UWL iView launcher IViewLauncher, and the url of the iView must have the syntax, for example,<portalRole1><iViewpcdid1><portalRole2><iViewpcdid2> The UWL can launch the iView History and the iView Operations for Execution of Workflow Job. The portal user must have read-only End User permission to get content in these two iViews. After the launched iView is closed, the portal user must manually refresh the UWL to see the results or wait until the scheduled automatic refresh of UWL is executed. Other actions in UWL do not require manual refresh - the UWL will refresh itself after the result is available from the back-end workflow execution.For additional information about these two iViews refer to the following sections in the SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 SP06 Business Package for Predefined Repositories Guide:1.      Section 4.7.2 ? Workflow Next Step 2.      Section 4.7.3 ? Workflow Task History The above MDM UWL configuration is supported in OSS component EP-PCT-MDM. 

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