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I would like to share my Experience of Marketing Attributes Creation in CRM Web UI, Its was a Fantastic Experience. Usually we got bored in our Old versions experiencing in SAP GUI, but here in CRM 6 Version Web UI - Its so flexible and good performance in Initialization of Process. Below is step by step process how to create Marketing Attributes and Attribute Sets. I hope you all will have a look and feel of CRM Web UI.
Click on the Marketing Workcentre and go to the Second level Navigation Select Marketing Attribute .


Select New Button for Creating New Attributes in the Options available -


Note :
Here we are Directly Assigning Attributes to Attributes Set  in the General Data.

(Where as in SAPGUI - We use to create Attributes separately and Attributes Sets Separately.)

Maintain Attributes , Format Type and  Entry Required , Multiple Values in and according to your Business Requirement.


Incase if we want to Add more Attribute Values to your Attribute - Select your Attribute and Add your values by selecting Insert Button under the Values Tab and for Deletion select the Attribute and Click on Delete Box indicator and Save it. 
By Default once the User entering their Attributes or Attribute Values another blank line will be created for Entering Attributes or Attribute Values - if it is not appeared take the Help of Insert Button.


Finally Save it.

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  1. Unknown User (rfpp0do)

    Hi Hari

    My question is how did you create the Z attributes first? I can see that you already have an attribute called ZCOMPETENCY. How did you create this markting attribute? Did you have to create in the GUI first?