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  • In the modern retail industry, you must ensure that you can meet customer demands to stay ahead of the competition. Without an effective way to manage your inventory and plan ahead, this is not possible. For this reason, it is vital to adopt best-in-class machine learning and replenishment solutions. So what are the next steps?
    We would like to invite you to the International User Forum SAP Forecasting & Replenishment from May 3–4, 2018 in Wiesbaden, Germany
    Network with other industry professionals and customers and find out more about the latest SAP developments that will benefit your business. Additionally, listen to customer presentations that will give first-hand accounts on how they use the solution.
  • Oct  2017: Do you want to use main and supplementary order and delivery days in order to achieve for example a better workload distribution over the week? Note 2468391 explains this feature and how to install it.
  • New   integration released March 31 2017 - F&R now powered by UDF. Check out note 2367172 that contains a detailed integration guide. UDF combines the strenghts of various forecasting methods to supply demand forecasts to many Retail applications such as Promotion Planning for Retail, Assortment Planning and now also SAP F&R. SAP HANA gives the appropiate technology to consider data on an extremely granular leve as well as to fill in gaps with Bayesian technology. Along with other features such as what-if forecasting capabilities and SAP Fiori based analysis app it offers a breakthrough in predictive anayltics and demand integration for Retail.
  • How beautiful and easy is SAP F&R store order review in conjunction with SAP In-store Merchandising?
    Look at the newly enhanced SAP Fiori Order Products App and find more information in note 2393342 and the Fiori Reference Library
  • Check for development improvements this new collective note which will  be updated on a regular basis
     'F&R improvements and recommendations'  note  2335048

  • S/4 OP1610 and SAP F&R work together - details see note 2352544
  • SAP F&R, Add-on for fresh products  is available with a brand new version including intraday replenishment since Nov 2016 - Fact Sheet Customer.pdf



SAP Forecasting & Replenishment for Retail (SAP F&R) is a key solution which drives efficient inventories in stores and DC of retailers. SAP F&R allows planning and executing inventory strategies on a global basis. With its advanced multilevel replenishment capabilities it allows streamlining inventories along the supply chain and lower overall inventory levels and cost while optimizing fulfillment rates.

SAP F&R provides the following capabilities:

  • Sophisticated demand forecast: The forecasting calculations include automated consideration of trends, seasonality and demand influencing factors such as promotions or specific holidays with significant impact on the sales curve.
  • Automated replenishment with flexible safety stock policy and optimization features for orders, such as Truck Load Building or Economic Order Quantity.
  • Efficient DC replenishment driven by rolling store order forecasts up to the DC level for a most precise consideration of future demand.
  • Alert-driven manual interventions to support the high degree of automation throughout all of the processes.
  • Standard analytics content within SAP Business Warehouse to monitor the quality of the processes and of the solution implementation.
  • Scalability and management of high data volumes.

SAP F&R automatically provides the purchasing system (e.g. SAP Retail) with optimized order proposals.  


 Customer Success Stories

  •  Read how UK retailer Greggs, the Newcastle-based food-to-go bakery, uses SAP forecasting to streamline its business operations.
  • Lower costs  and more revenue with sales based ordering - read what COOP Switzerland achieves with SAP F&R including Fresh
  • Foodstuffs: Learn how the New Zealand grocery retailer Foodstuffs is improving customer expirience with SAP F&R
  • Find out how F&R can enable a business transformation process in the case of Rimi Baltic
  • Grupo Ramos is optimizing their supply chain with SAP F&R
  • B&Q deploys SAP’s forecasting and replenishment application
  • Read how dm Drogeriemarkt uses SAP F&R and SAP CAR side by side to use real time sales inventory data  for better customer experience
  • In July 2016 the International F&R User Forum took place with many particpants - see agenda and customer presentations here
  • Which grocery are the true practitioners of predictive analytics today read here


 Getting started with SAP F&R


W26FRF SAP Forecasting and Replenishment Workshop: Functions
February 19 – 21
W26FRT SAP Forecasting and Replenishment Workshop: Technical Details
February 22 – 23
The SAP for Retail Education program is available on the on the SAP Community Network:

Workshops in St. Ingbert Germany: April 23-35,26-27


 Technical Information


  • NEW: Check for small improvements this new collective note which will be updated on a regular basis
    'F&R improvements and recommendations'  note  2335048
  • NEW: S/4 OP1610 and SAP F&R work together - details see note 2352544
  • SAP F&R is available on SAP HANA- for more information see note 1927627
  • General maintenance of SAP F&R 5.2 is extended to 2025 Details can be found in the PAM PAM SAP F&R 5.2 and note 2240592 .
  • Online Help: SAP F&R 5.2 Online Help , Fresh
  • SAP F&R 5.2 Infopage  - information can be found on the SMP infopage which is regularly updated. The page contains links for the different guides available, documentations, release notes.
  • Config Guide SAP F&R Config Guide 5.2  (Open in Chrome if the nodes cannot be expanded)
  • Connectivity: SAP F&R 5.2 / API Documentation : Read this document if you want to use SAP F&R integrated with any other ERP than SAP Retail
  • Connectivity: Mapping Documentation for SAP ERP 6.0 EhP 6 for Retail / SAP F&R 5.2: This document contains information for the data transformation and transmission between SAP ERP 6.0 EhP 6 for Retail and SAP F&R 5.2
  • Check reports operation guide Check Report Guide This guide documents how the check reports work and how they have to be operated.  
  • SCM 7 EhP2 information area in the Help Portal containing links to security guides and more
  • Support Package Schedule: Check out the support package stack schedule of the different releases.
  • SAP SMP Sizing - Helps you find sizing estimations for SAP F&R 5.2 (including update for SAP HANA and Fresh Add-on)
    Click on “Sizing Guidelines”
    Click on “Industries” Select “SAP Forecast & Replenishment”


 SAP F&R - Features, Capabilities and Best Practices

Selected Articles & Blogs

  • SAP F&R Best Practices for Solution Operations - Helps you to set up a business process monitoring concept and to manage your solution operations.
  • Best Practices for Runtime Optimization in SAP Forecasting and Replenishment - Use this document to find a collection of typical functional, organizational and configuration aspects to be considered regarding performance, runtime and data volume in an SAP F&R scenario integrated with SAP Retail. It will help you to configure and use the system to achieve the best results while reducing processing time. Note: The document includes recommendations up to release SAP F&R 5.1.
  • Best Practice: Performance Optimization for SAP F&R  - This Best Practice document is a collection of recommendations with the goal to solve performance issues and to safeguard the performance of your SAP F&R solution. It combines application, customizing and technical aspects and covers the most important SAP F&R business process steps from SAP ERP Retail, SAP F&R, and the integrated RWBS / Store UI (Web Dynpro) and CPFR collaborative planning parts. The collection is based on SAP's knowledge that was acquired in several years of working together with customers on their performance issues. Note: The document includes recommendations up to release SAP F&R 5.1.

Highlighted Notes for SAP F&R Consultants for SAP F&R 5.0 - SAP F&R 5.2  

  • Please click here for a selection of highlighted notes for solution consultants. Access to the notes requires SMP credentials.


Contacts and Further Information

 Further SAP F&R  Information  - please contact

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