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This document details the procedure in using Microsoft Word as editor in SAP Script / Smart Forms. In normal case, when you try opening the editor in Smart Forms, the following editor would appear: 

Click on the editor button. The following editor appears: 

Now to change the above editor to MS Word, do the following: 

Go to transaction I18N  (Internationalization). Click on I18N Menu → I18N Customizing → I18N System Configuration (as shown in the screenshot below)  

If you would like to use MS Word Editor in both Script and Smartforms, then check the both checkboxes as shown below:

Click on Activate. 

The following popup appears (related to SAPScript Editor):

Click on Yes. Now the following popup appears (related to Smartforms Editor):

Click on Yes to proceed. 

Now the MS Word editor is available for both SAP Script and Smartforms. 
Result: In the SmartForms

In SAP Script:

To set MS Word as Editor in SAP Script and Smart Forms, the transaction RSCPSETEDITOR can be used too. 

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