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Go to Se11, give the table name and click on change. Then Go to utilities--> Table maintenance generator.
In the table maintenance generator screen, we should give Authorization Group, Function Group name (Function Group name can be same as table name), Maintenance type can be one step or two step, usually we will create with one step. we should give maintenance screen number.
Authorization Group  used to group the logically related objects. It helps us to group dictionary tables for the purpose of authorization checking (Table TDDAT contains its list) . To create go to SE54, give the table name and choose authorization group and then click on create/change.

Function Group name is the name of the group to which the generated maintainence would belong.

Package if you want to assign it to a particular package.

After clicking on create button, a table maintenance generator will be created.
To check it go to SM30 . In SM30, we find display, Maintain options.
We can view the table contents by choosing Display and we can create table entries by choosing Maintain.

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