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Application to get the components Values into Dropdown list box from Database Table.

Layout Code:-

<%@page language="abap"%>
<%@extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb"%>

<htmlb:content design="classic+design2002+design2003">
  <htmlb:page title = "First Page ">

<htmlb:dropdownListBox id = "myDropdownListDay"
                  tooltip  = "Quick info for myDropdownListBox">

LOOP AT t_mod INTO fs_mod.

                  <htmlb:listBoxItem   key = "<%=fs_mod%>"
                                       value = "<%=fs_mod%>"/>




In  Event-handler - on Initilalization.

SELECT modul FROM zemployee INTO TABLE t_mod.

sort t_mod.

delete adjacent duplicates from t_mod comparing modul.

In Page Attributes:-

Fs_mod type types_mod
t_mod type fs_module.

In Type Definition:

  BEGIN OF types_mod,
    modul TYPE zemployee-modul,
  END OF types_mod,

  fs_module type
  standard table
            of TYPES_MOD.

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