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The BW Accelerator enhances SAP NetWeaver BW performance based on SAP's search and classification engine TREX, and on preconfigured hardware delivered by SAP hardware partners. It is packaged as an appliance for use with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and provides enhanced performance for online analytical processing in an Enterprise Data Warehousing IT scenario. Please have a look at "BWA - Concept and Overview" which provides an overview-description on the BWA.

BWA is based on a client/server architecture. This page will focus on the BWA-topics which concern the server-side of the BWA f.e. maintaining the TREX-parameters, checking the load-situation in the BWA-server, etc. Please follow this link for BWA-topics which concern the client component in the BW-system (f.e. connection between BW and BWA, creation of indexing-jobs sending indexing-requests to the BWA-server, etc. > BW-BEX-OT-BIA).

CSS component: BC-TRX-BIA

SAP Online Documentation

BWA Search

SAP Support Troubleshooting Guideline

BWA Topics

Indexes in BWA

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1872295    BWA Troubleshooting: BWA Indexing Errors

  • 1982619    BWA index is not split evenly

  • 2046664    Check the split partition and the data distribution of SAP BW Accelerator

  • 2059666    TREX/BWA: Index in status "Corrupt"

High Memory

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1872296    BWA Troubleshooting: High Memory Consumption

  • 1871397    BWA:Check Memory relevant parameters of TREXIndexServer.ini

  • 1687215    BWA host becomes unresponsive due to extreme mem consumtion

BWA performance

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1871088    BWA Troubleshooting: Analyze High CPU Usage in BWA
  • 1872262    Check if there is a high load and if this is balanced on all blades or it only happens on a specific blade
  • 2051096    Long running threads on a BWA installation
  • 2094184    BWA: Infomation to be collected when BWA processes are hanging


BWA crash

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1872501    BWA Troubleshooting: TREXIndexServer crash in BWA
  • 1871977    Steps to perform root cause analysis of the crash in BWA
  • 2105397    BWA/TREX: How to handle Alert text "inactive_backup_server"
  • 2104939    BWA: How to handle restarted service
  • 2099301    Error analysis: Catching Queries that fail on the BWA.
  • 1316629    BWA 7.00: Analysis of corefiles
BWA network/connections

 Consulting notes/KBA

  • 1872279    Check the hardware configuration, including the I/O for each blade
  • 2084298    TrexNet exception in method : Protocol//request begin identifier is invalid in SAP BW Accelerator
  • 1870916    BWA Troubleshooting: Hardware or Network Issue troubleshooting
  • 2127729    TREX/BWA: Filer Performance Trace Tool
  • 1933190    BWA 7.00 / BWA 7.20: TCP KeepAlive Parameter
  • 1947031    BWA 7.00/7.20: TrexNet failed with rc=14 (connection broken)


Parameters in BWA

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1914233    Dynamically switchable parameters in BIA


  • 991567      BWA/TREX: Shared Memory Size (ShmSize)

  • 1935112    BWA 700 & 720 : Indentify the number of physical CPU cores and logical hyperthreading CPU cores

  • 1474342    BWA 7.00: parameters in TREXExecutor.ini

  • 1478672    BWA 7.00: parameters in TREXIndexserver.ini