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x_cons <database_name> show desc

Displays open descriptors for communication, such as TCP/IP sockets and pipes. Currently, only implementation for TCP/IP sockets is done. For instance, TREX connections will be displayed.

ID    FD    Name
    1   473 Connected[>]
    2   474 Connected[>]
    3   475 Connected[>]
    4   476 Connected[>]
Displayed 4 descriptors
  • ID: Internal Object ID of MaxDB
  • FD: File descriptor (low-level)
  • Name: Descriptor name.
    Name of TCP/IP socket is in the following form:
    "<state>[<source>/<port><proto><destination>/<port>_<proto>:<fd>@<address>]", where
    • <state> : socket state (New, DeferredConnect, ConnectWait, Connected, Bound, Listening, PreClose, Destoryed)
    • <source> and <destination> : TCP/IP address (iPv4 or IPv6) or host name
    • <port> : the port number
    • <proto> : the protocol
    • <fd> : low-level file descriptor (same as FD field in colsole output)
    • <address> : in-memory address of socket object

For example, <destination>/<port>_<proto> with value "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1/29954_tcp" means TCP/IP port 29954 on localhost's IPv6 address. Source and/or destination may be missing, depending on socket state.

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