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x_cons <database_name> show cport

Shows registered completion ports and pending I/O on them. The display is similar to command "show iopending", but shows only I/O on completion ports.

I/O jobs on completion ports

I/O jobs on completion port 'T147':
 O Flg Device                           BlkPosit.  BlkCount   BlkCompl.
       Owner           Worker           QueueID               State
 r     F:\sapdb\BXR\sapdata1\DISKD0006      766916          1          1
       T147            IOWorker_016_1           40            RetSucc
 r     F:\sapdb\BXR\sapdata1\DISKD0006      766918          1          1
       T147            IOWorker_040_1           40            RetSucc
 r     F:\sapdb\BXR\sapdata1\DISKD0004      786220          1          0
       T147            IOWorker_026_1           33            InProgress
 Displayed 3 jobs
I/O jobs on completion port 'T125':
 O Flg Device                           BlkPosit.  BlkCount   BlkCompl.
       Owner           Worker           QueueID               State
 r     F:\sapdb\BXR\sapdata1\DISKD0002       65108          1          1
       T125            IOWorker_047_1           24            RetSucc
 r     F:\sapdb\BXR\sapdata1\DISKD0003      100124          1          1
       T125            IOWorker_006_1           28            RetSucc
 Displayed 2 jobs
 Displayed 2 jobs; allocated 192 descriptions, 45 pooled job workers

  • O: operation ('F'=format, 'w'=write, 'r'=read, 'W'=multi-write, 'R'=multi-read, 'S'=stream operation on backup medium, 'o'=open volume, 'c'=close volume, 'O'=open stream, 'C'=close stream, 'I'=initialize tape)
  • Flg: Flag ('A'=asynchronous I/O, 'C'=I/O on cport, '+'=high priority I/O, '-'= low priority I/O, No flag = medium priority I/O)
  • Device: Path to device
  • Owner: Owner task of the I/O
  • Worker: Either I/O worker name working on the operation or self I/O if the task does the I/O by itself inline.
  • BlkPosit.: Starting block position on volume, where the I/O occurs.
  • QueueID: Queue ID of I/O subsystem (each volume has several queues)
  • BlkCount: Requested count of blocks in the I/O, usually starting from BlkPosit, except for multi-I/O, where they can be scattered.
  • BlkCompl.: The number of already completed blocks, here we can see formatting progress for instance.
  • State: Status of the I/O operation.

I/O job status

  • Pending: pending
  • InProgress: in progress
  • Success: success
  • Failed: failed
  • RetSucc: retired successfully. Per I/O context, some history of retired operations (by default 8), so we can see what each task has done in the past time. (see parameter RetiredIOJobCount)
  • RetFail: retired failed
  • Cancelled: cancelled
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