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[Deep Breath] Global Warming, Global Climate Change, Carbon Emissions, Carbon footprint, Carbon Trading, Carbon offsets, Recycle, Downcycle, Repurpose, Eco-Friendly,  Eco-Label, Eco-Consumerism, Green, Green Buildings, Green Living, Greenwashing, Renewable energy, Wind power, Solar energy, Nuclear energy, Geothermal energy, CFLs, Hybrids, Fuel Cells, Bio-fuel, Bio-diesel, Ethanol, Biphenol A, Phthalates, Triple Bottom Line, Sustainability Reports, GRI, CSR, ESG, LCA, C2C, LEED, Green Computing, Green Grid...

[Out of breath yet?]

I'm sure that I've missed a few, though for the majority of us, many of these terms have become part of our everyday conversations over the past 2-3 years.  Most of these particles are the result of a tsunami-sized "green" wave that crashed ashore somewhere between 2007 and 2008.  Now, they are cluttering the beach as the global corporate leaders, NGOs, regulators, new innovators and "Joe the Consumer" walk the beach in hopes of having it all make sense.

So where do we begin to make sense of it all?  Right here, of course. Have you ever seen someone hold their menu nearly beyond the reach of their arm in order to see the words clearly?  I profess that in order to see sustainability more clearly, we need to get much farther away from the beach.

As we approach Earth Day 2009 (22 April), we will be cleaning house on the SAP Network around the concept of sustainability, creating what we hope will become a clearinghouse for a massive and innovative dialogue around everything green and sustainable.  We are developing a wiki where we'll broaden our view about what it means to be sustainable in hopes of narrowing in on better solutions and applications for our times.  We're going to go well "Beyond Green"  and to a place well outside the green box in which we are trapping ourselves.

Watch for the development of these pages over the next few weeks, and in the meantime, prepare to engage.


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  1. Unknown User (llr24at)

    Great intro...Bring it on!